When she and you can Rachel next shed the past concern, they certainly were forced to exchange apartments that have Chandler and Joey

  • Whenever Monica and Chandler explore expecting, Monica panics that the baby’s content needs right up really place that there would-be zero space on the “bend closet,” ultimately causing the lady to help you shout, “Where will all ribbons go?!” Chandler indicates they generate an infant at this time prior to Monica transform this lady attention, and you will Monica says she might have to bogus they because the she is, “a small shook-up.”
  • One of the reasons why Monica might possibly remain like a flush apartment is mainly because she’s got a secret cupboard full out of ed associated with, contacting herself “ill.” She’s going to maybe not allow it to be Chandler to put anything on the drawer once the he might clutter it. [19]
  • When Chandler is actually shopping for a position, Monica uses “eight instances with [her] title creator,” organizing a file program in which she’s got investigated and you may composed in the numerous some other occupations sphere. Chandler works out choosing the first one and you will apologizes for everyone the lady lost persistence, that Monica feedback it absolutely was enormously enjoyable and you will she cannot head whatsoever.
  • During the one point, Monica is thinking about tossing all of the photographs. She suggests Rachel a model: a picture of the girl dated canine from the the girl birthday celebration. Monica states she will be able to select the picture significantly less than “birthdays,” “dogs,” or “lifeless.” Whenever Monica requires Rachel to pass her the box regarding organized images and Rachel eventually leaks them, Monica freaks out.
  • While you are relationships Monica, Richard helps make the bed because the a surprise having his partner. Monica remakes it, outlining that the label is going to be on the other hand and you can going into detail concerning the most other problems.
  • When Ross schedules a girl which have an unbelievably messy flat and you may eventually holidays it off along with her, Monica turns up at the her doorway having a container laden with soap suds and an excellent broom. She requires the woman in the event that she will be able to clean the woman apartment, stating she is not able to sleep in case the lady doesn’t allow her to brush they. In the event the doorway are slammed in her face, Monica e rather.
  • In the “The one Towards A couple of People”, Monica computers Rachel’s party and also men record its extremely uncomfortable memories. She many times reminds visitors to get the covers back on indicators, otherwise they’ll dry up.


Monica is extremely competitive, presumably throwing a platter during the a fit away from fury through the a good game away from Pictionary and you may saying “laws let control the enjoyment!”

When Joey and you can Ross were casually organizing a ball as well as forward, Monica entered within the and you may put the ball too hard from the Ross that he exclaimed, “Monica, stop throwing golf ball so difficult! Our company is on the same team.” Possibly, but not, she takes this lady competitive nature past an acceptable limit. That dramatic illustration of it was whenever Monica impulsively wagered their and you will Rachel’s flat during the a good trivia online game developed by Ross. Yet not, it won the apartment right back several months after of the agreeing in order to kiss for one minute.

From inside the group’s stop by at Barbados, Monica turned into enthusiastic about overcoming Phoebe’s date, Mike, within table tennis, together with two became involved with a race matches, long-lasting period

Monica including reveals athletic avviso incontri militari expertise, hence, along with the lady competitive move, makes the lady solid, particularly in foosball. Often, although not, Monica gets also crude. When you’re attempting to provide Chandler a sexy rub, she hurts him to the point off his whining away. After into the event she gets very troubled one she “loses” at providing massages up until Chandler claims, “You give the new globes best poor massage treatments,” hence tremendously thank you their upwards. [20] Furthermore, she kept corporation from inside the an arm wrestle against Chandler. [21] And additionally, in their young people, Monica bankrupt Ross’ nose when a game out-of reach recreations turned unappealing to try to win the new “Geller Mug.” New mug was tossed into the your local lake. What Ross don’t see are you to definitely Monica sprang on river so you’re able to recover they. [22] Regarding series finale, if you are seeking cut the wild birds Joey ordered, she was able to destroy the latest foosball desk, without needing systems for many of your techniques.