This is one way head handle work, specially when looking to create ‘sex-kitten’ adjustment or split your mind towards the more characters

It is rumoured you to definitely Damon and you may Jay Z were assaulting more than aaliyah (have been they fighting more than just who reaches handle this new ‘sex slave’?

Along with, We learned that Aaliyah decided to go to good Roman Catholic college or university broadening up prior to going into Detroits Starting Arts college or university. Roman Catholic Schools are recognized to household ‘mind controlled’ people. Diddy, Biggie Smalls, Gwen Stefani just a few of some of the MK ultra subjects one to possibly decided to go to good Roman Catholic university understand this sort of out-of faith history.

Aaliyah was “introduced” to help you manufacturer and you will songwriter Roentgen.kelly when she is just 14 yrs old. For people who understand attention handle, you will certainly know that of a lot handlers/programmers mask at the rear of the new label off a music producer/songwriter (otherwise anyone who really works behind the scenes).In my opinion R.kelly is actually her handler during the time. In addition be aware that there had been “rumours” you to definitely aaliyah was molested in the many years 8 from the the girl sibling -the girl talent director and old boyfriend-husband away from Gladys Knight. Aaliyah is actually have a tendency to singing tunes which were inappropiate having a good fourteen yr old star particularly, ‘Age Isn’t Only good Number’, and that offered research you to Aaliyah has been children intercourse servant particularly of numerous mk ultra subjects such as Michael Jackson. MJ is actually singing audio from the like and you can gender within 8 ages dated, that is very inappropiate.

You can find clues one link to aaliyah’s you’ll be able to mind handle changes. If you are always subliminal texts and you may symbols, you will be aware that of a lot celebrities that gender slaves is actually have a tendency to found in grayscale (duality) clothing and particularly animal printing. The dog neckband says to the whole story (is short for enslavement, sex slave, entry, etc). i believe it dress these types of celebrity gender submissives contained in this dresses because advertisment into the ‘elite’ exactly who play with sex submissives toward an effective typical. Someone externally will never keeps an idea.

There is certainly photos out-of aaliyah (‘a promotion shot’) together in the zebra/creature printing naughty gowns having a dog collar around this lady neck

For the people who was used to Aaliyah’s browse, she is actually better-recognized for hair across the ‘one eye’ look. This new illumanti usually discusses half of the face which have sometimes hair otherwise a trace so you can depict separated personality (caused by upheaval-centered mind manage procedure such torture and you can electroshock) in the individual. I do believe an effective poster ‘Lostworld’ on this subject community forum put which right up a couple of times. Actually, for individuals who Yahoo Aaliyah photographs, you will not get a hold of of numerous images of their without the “hair swoop over one eye” search.

I additionally believe aaliyah’s mom was their enough time-term handler, following R.kelly and perhaps damon dashboard to the girl death. Which will bring us to my second area.

Right before brand new loss of Aaliyah, she was “dating” a giant go out stylish-jump number music producer, Damon Dashboard. Damon during the time try partnered otherwise involved with another woman. Just what points to that damon could have been this lady handler is the fact he was alone which left which have spuratic knowledge towards late star just before the lady demise. Damon themselves accepted it didn’t also look for each other anywhere near this much since the she constantly had a busy plan. (Are damon dashboard only watching Aaliyah towards a planned occurence to ‘update’ aaliyah’s programming?)

Shortly after Aaliyah’s passing, records emerged you to definitely Aaliyah had sexual affairs having Jay Z (a known freemason and you will parnter off Damon Dashboard). You’ll find pics all over the internet of these two providing “cozy” with her. ) Jay z are a beneficial handler about amusement community (currently he could be this new handler of Rihanna and Beyonce) that’ll resulted in fact that Damon might have been Aaliyah’s handler right before their passing.