Later on, Shawn states your next time he observes Charlie, “they top be on an album safeguards”

Rags pursue the storyline out of protagonist Charlie Prince (Maximum Schneider), whom lives together with selfish, abusive stepfather, Arthur (Robert Moloney), and two stepbrothers: spoiled Andrew (Keenan Tracey), and you will better Lloyd (Burkely Duffield)

Rags is actually good Nickelodeon Brand spanking new Motion picture. It’s a tunes, non-dream gender-turned inversion of Cinderella fairytale, featuring Maximum Schneider, Keke Palmer, Drake Bell, Avan Jogia and you will Nick Canon. The film premiered to the Nickelodeon into the .

The story and additionally follows Kadee Worth (Keke Palmer), a pop superstar with an overprotective songs mogul dad, Reginald Well worth (Isaiah Mustafa), along with his personal assistant, Erma (Devon Weigel).

The film starts with Shawn’s (Drake Bell) narration leading towards opening world, portraying Charlie carrying out on the streets of new York Area that have numerous performers to try to earn money. Immediately after a trailer splashes a beneficial puddle with the Charlie’s listeners, which makes them disperse, Shawn looks towards the scene and is shown to own become a person in Charlie’s listeners in the show out of his brand-new track called, Down the road. Charlie notices Kadee Well worth privately out-of a shuttle and you will the view then cuts in order to Kadee filming the music videos to have the girl the new song, “Love You, Dislike Your” and is indicated that Kadee are secretly frustrated with vocal audio that are unoriginal so you’re able to her, and this others have written on her. She wants to manage her very own tunes.

We have been then shown Brand new Palace Cinema, the fresh new karaoke location and that offered once the Charlie’s domestic immediately following his mom passed away. Shortly after talking to Diego and Martha, their mother or father rates, Charlie is actually found vocal “Someday” while cleansing the stage on Castle, when he could be disrupted by the their stepfather, Arthur, exactly who criticizes him. He then enjoys Charlie’s stepbrothers Andrew and you may Lloyd manage its act because “Androyd” (a parody regarding Jedward) in front of a consumer. She, including the majority of people exactly who see the work, was lower than thrilled, however, Arthur fails to see the defects within the Androyd’s activities.

The movie up coming slices to Kadee, who’s found along with her chathour profile search “boyfriend”, Finn (Avan Jogia). It is obvious within world you to definitely she hates, which is awkward toward arrangement the woman dad got generated anywhere between Finn along with her. She actually is next viewed walking the girl puppy, Trumpet, whom brings out-of the woman in order to can Charlie, who’s taking walks up the path to help you Majesty Details, where Kadee had merely exited. Kadee falls their pages out-of song lyrics on to the ground and into the the neighborhood fountain, and you will Charlie realizes exactly who she actually is if you are helping their collect the brand new notes. Then actually starts to read among the users, but she pulls it regarding your, stating that the words is “private”. She upcoming works out over catch up to help you Trumpet.

Charlie is visible entering Majesty Records to decrease off the audition Cd developed by Androyd towards Majesty Record’s Ability Research. After Charlie renders, Shawn tells this new assistant to make sure that Charlie is given the fresh new condition. Charlie will be viewed typing a pawn shop, in which the guy tends to make a cost towards the a cello which had just after belonged in order to their mom. Shortly after and also make his percentage, the guy really works in the search for clients and you will store keeper’s pleasure.

The new secretary informs your you to definitely applications to possess a member-big date janitor employment arrive to the desk, and you will Shawn comes from the as Charlie is completing one away

Charlie has got the janitor work, and that’s second seen cleaning in Kadee’s dad’s place of work and seeking in the pictures away from Kadee and her dad. When Kadee guides inside that have two of this lady loved ones, the guy quickly covers the picture he was enjoying at the rear of his as well as attempts to rest about it in order to Kadee. She says to your that he is a poor liar, that the guy believes. Finn then looks and he and you may Kadee visit a celebration, when he hogs the digital camera and sets himself regarding the limelight.