The team was quickly assaulted from the Lycaon and his awesome gang of lycanthropes

While you are asleep for the a mountain cavern after returning Leo and you can Piper back to regular, Piper suggests the key she is holding the whole big date: brand new monster Enceladus got purchased her to help you ruin the brand new quest into the get back to the coverage off their dad. She expects the group to make their right back on her behalf, it is treated once they spirits the woman as an alternative and you will give the woman which they manage save one another the girl father and Hera.

The group attempts to attack the fresh werewolves employing firearms when it discover that merely gold normally wound the new werewolves. Into cue, gold arrows take the brand new werewolves and beasts retreat. The fresh Candidates after that appear, that have Thalia Grace in the lead. Thalia up coming commands the other Candidates to check out Lycaon’s trail. Since the Piper has actually developed hypothermia, Thalia asks the remainder Hunter to control Piper and you may the fresh new satyr, leaving this lady with Jason and you may Leo, the second becoming immediately interested in the girl. Leo sense that a couple sisters should be by yourself and you may transforms to depart, however, Jason asks your to stay. Thalia grudgingly accepts his company.

Thalia demonstrates to you in order to Jason one their mommy try visited because of the Zeus double. Shortly after Zeus left its mother the very first time, she had worse and you will started initially to operate irrationally, watching bringing Zeus’ interest because the best prize. Whenever Zeus returned an additional date, she was happier and you will got better. Thalia realized that he had been more strict and spoke for the Latin both. He remaining its mom forever over 50 incontri another big date while the she got pestered him to provide the woman immortality. Following, one day, the mother got motivated these to an area they had constantly known ? the new Wolf Domestic. She remaining the auto having Jason and you may came back instead him. Losing Jason try the final straw to possess Thalia, and she went aside. Thalia contributes that its mother passed away operating while you are drinking. She following says to the two you to Artemis got lay her or him to your the street of Lycaon because it perform lead them to the lost buddy.

They go within the hill and are also escorted of the a disposition, Mellie, the fresh assistant off Aeolus whom it error to have a ghost

Thalia then prospects these to Aeolus’ palace (a drifting hill), plus order to go into, they want to mix a frozen bridge. Since they are crossing, Leo quickly will get a thought. He sounds so it out loud and states that maybe Jason are a connection between a few metropolitan areas ? a transfer. Basing his view out-of Jason’s fantasy, the guy including states you to Hera was stored in the brand new Wolf Household. He will get delighted by the these details which causes themselves to-burst on the flame, hence melting the fresh new ice connection when you’re Thalia continues to have yet , so you’re able to get across it. Thalia says to him or her your Hunters is certainly going with the Wolf Household and you can hold it while they conserve Piper’s dad throughout the monster. She along with states one to Jason currently knows where it is and you will that they can fulfill once more in the future.

Because the a transfer goes each other indicates, then the destroyed 1 / 2 of-blood ought to be the that taken to additional top

When they in the end see Aeolus, he happens to be a weather reporter-style of profile which gets their instructions on the gods, and therefore their predicts, from the gods. Due to the fact gods are constantly altering the age in order to their forecasts. The group ends up that because of this in pretty bad shape, Aeolus must be mad. Aeolus up coming shows you one to once the he is the master of the new wind gusts, things sent by the wind gusts, secrets provided, come to your with time. The group proceeds supply him the new caged venti, one another as the a present also to enter their good graces.